Dealing with Death

I woke up this mopraying handsrning and prayed for a friend who just lost her husband.  She had been his care-giver for over seven years.  I went to worship – at the Church of Christ on Griffin Dr. – and asked for prayer for her and her family.  After worship, while eating lunch, I received another text informing me that another friend just lost his father – sudden and unexpectedly.  I plan on attending a memorial service tomorrow for the first death and now another soul has left this world.  I hurt.  I just hurt – my whole body aches for my two friends.  I lost my own father about 18 months ago and there are still times, I just lay in my bed at night and cry.  I lost my mother about 8 years ago.

What is it about death that just wrecks such havoc in our bodies?  We all know that death is a part of life – we are born, we live and ultimately we die. Death leaves us feeling so helpless and useless – there is simply nothing we can do.  So, now I find myself between worship services, trying to keep my emotions in check.  I am not even sure what those emotions are – indescribable as they may be. I just know that I hurt, I hurt for my own loss and I hurt for my friends’ loss.

I can give my pain and grief to the Lord and I know he will help me to manage it.  What do you do when you don’t have a faith? Just know that you can manage the death of a loved one or a friend’s loved one and that, over time, the pain will become more manageable.  It may never completely go away, but the pain becomes less and less severe.  Remember the good times you had with the person and let those positive thoughts fill your mind.  Death is part of life. Remember their contributions to the world and don’t be afraid to grieve your loss.



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